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Move Your Lymph!

  • Posturing for Health 401A Gordon Drive Exton United States (map)

The lymphatic system plays a crucial role in our waste disposal and immunity, and its circulation is totally dependent upon our movement.

Ironically, and unfortunately, the largest lymph node clusters are located in areas that are not called upon to move frequently in our modern day lifestyles: the neck, armpits, sternum, and groin. 

I believe that a good deal of our vulnerability to colds and flu, sinus and ear infections, especially during the colder months, is due to our more frequent static positions that result in congesting these areas.

In this class, we will practice some qigong moves, self-massage techniques, and stretches in positions that allow us deeper and more specific access to these areas, as well as explore ways to continue frequent movement that supports lymph flow. 

Some part of this class is best done on the floor, but modifications may be made if this is prohibitive.

90 minutes - $30 - Class limited to 3

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