Move outside the exercise box.


While we tend to measure our fitness routines in terms of steps, heart rate or caloric burn, it may be more valuable to think in terms of functionality.

Q: What could you do 10-15 years ago that you have trouble doing today?

And, what can you do NOW that you'd like keep doing 10, 15, 20 years from now?

The brilliant design of our bodies includes economy - what we use is strengthened, what we don’t isn’t supported as much. Simple. But it means that we are adapting to the shape of our environment in the form of a few repetitively overused parts, (including many workouts!) and a great many more weakened and underused parts.

We are also shaped by our interior - what we ingest in the form of food, toxins, information; what we can and cannot process; how we feel about the world and our place in it. Even how we breathe.

Our bodies adapt to what they are doing the most - over 24 hours, 7 days, 12 months… a lifetime.

It's not the age of your body, it's the age of your habits. 

We develop habits of response, habits of strategy, until we become too locked down to fully express ourselves and engage joyfully with life.

It doesn't have to be this way! 

Exercise routines can help us keep moving - but only in the same ways and with the same patterns that we do everything else.

Hi! I'm Gina!

Hi! I'm Gina!

As your 'restorative movement coach', Gina Loree Marks (of embodygrace) brings together the fluidity of Qigong with the biomechanical precision of restorative exercise to help you see where your body is moving, where it's not moving, and how you can bring more of your body to participate in all of your life's activities.

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Move Your Lymph!

Saturday, April 13 - 12:00 - 1:30pm

Tuesday, April 23 - 10:00 - 11:30am

The lymphatic system plays a crucial role in our waste disposal and immunity, and its circulation is totally dependent upon our movement.

Ironically, and unfortunately, the largest lymph node clusters are located in areas that are not called upon to move frequently in our modern day lifestyles: the neck, armpits, sternum, and groin. 

I believe that a good deal of our vulnerability to colds and flu, sinus and ear infections, especially during the colder months, is due to our more frequent static positions that result in congesting these areas.

In this class, we will practice some qigong moves, self-massage techniques, and stretches in positions that allow us deeper and more specific access to these areas, as well as explore ways to continue frequent movement that supports lymph flow. 

Note: Some part of this class is best done on the floor, but modifications may be made if this is prohibitive.

Mindful Movement Multi-Vitamin Class

Dates and times vary monthly - please check the calendar.

60 minutes | $18 per class - or $60 for a package of 4.


Ongoing classes to restore a healthy relationship between your body and the world it moves in.

Each month focuses on a theme  - an area of the body, or a skill set. Weekly classes are based on that theme, with new material (and revisiting of prior material) in each class. 

Each class will be centered around several of Katy Bowman’s ‘Daily Movement Multi-Vitamins’*, integrating them with the meditative practices of qigong and proprioceptive awareness. We will also explore how you can weave these movements into your busy life. 

Take one, or as many as you like! Each class will cover the fundamentals with new material overlapping with the other classes. Meaning, all are a little different and a little the same.

April’s Theme - Happy Feet, Happy Body!

Feet are the foundation. And whether or not your feet are giving you grief, lack of mobility in any of your foot’s 33 joints could be affecting your knees, hips, back, even your neck and shoulders! Possessing mobile and supple feet can also have an effect on your lower body circulation and balance as you get older, so taking care of your puppies is always a good idea.

Wed 4/3 - 2:30-3:30 | Sat 4/6 - 12:00-1:00 | Wed 4/10 - 2:30 -3:30 | Fri 4/12 - 2:45-3:45 | Wed 4/17 - 2:30-3:30 | Fri 4/19 - 2:45-3:45 | Wed 4/24 - 2:30-3:30 | Fri 4/26 - 2:45-3:45

May’s Theme - Don’t Just Sit There! + Think Outside the Chair

At least a dozen movements you can do while sitting.

Many of us are confined to a chair (unwillingly or otherwise) a good part of the day. But, sitting in itself is not the problem - it’s the lack of movement. Don’t let your chair dictate your shape! Explore these simple movements you can do while waiting for those websites to load!

We’ll also explore movements you can do using your chair as a prop.

Wed 5/1 - 2:30-3:30 | Sat 5/4 - 12:00-1:00 | Wed 5/8 - 2:30 -3:30 | Fri 5/10 - 2:45-3:45 | Wed 5/15 - 2:30-3:30 | Sat 5/18 - 12:00-1:00 | Wed 5/22 - 2:30-3:30 | Fri 5/24 - 2:45-3:45

June’s Theme - Unstucking the Head, Neck & Shoulders

Hold all your stress ‘up there’? In this month’s classes, we get into the relationship between our upper body parts, with deep moves and stretches that will free up mobility, relieve neck and shoulder tension, and restore flow to this critical area of the body. Included are moves that you can do even while you’re sitting, so you can prevent discomfort as it’s happening.

Floor work is involved with some of these, but modifications can be made.

Dates and times to be determined.

Restorative Qigong

Can you imagine a day where you were able to:

Perform simple tasks like bending, turning your head, walking barefoot without pain or discomfort ~ Respond to conflict as the calm, cool, grounded person you dream of being ~ Know how to move and massage your own body to get the kinks out ~ Possess the clarity to notice and avail yourself of nourishing opportunities ~ End the day with enough energy to do more than collapse on the couch ~ Enjoy a restful night's sleep?

Whether your tension is from 'poor posture', intense exercise, repetitive use, or emotional stress, the results are the same - restricted movement, restricted blood and oxygen flow, and discomfort.

Moving your body in gentle and specific ways is the one of the simplest and most natural ways to relieve tension, encourage joint mobilization and innervate muscles that are not often used. This class integrates the mindful, flowing movements of qigong with the precision of biomechanically-based Restorative Exercise.

Not only is this class appropriate for more sedentary people, seniors, those with chronic pain or stiffness, post-trauma or surgery, but will help those who work out and work hard regain flexibility, joint mobility and nourish the tissues.

Restorative Qigong classes are $15 - or purchase a package of 4 below for $48.

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