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How Much Do You Sit? (Take the quiz!)

You know that sitting a lot may play a huge role in your aches and pains. 

But, even if you're 'active', you still may be placing your body in this seated position more than you realize.

Take the quiz and find out! (Don't worry, some creative solutions are offered at the end of the quiz!)

Six Things You Can STOP Doing for Better Posture

Wondering why it's so hard to maintain 'good posture'? (Hint: It's not because you're lazy...)

Rather than trying to hold your body in a more ideal position, sometimes the way to better alignment and mobility is to stop doing certain things. Here are six (or more) of the common chronic tension-holding patterns that you can let go of on your way to feeling more ease and grace in your body.


Practices for Morning and Evening

In a world that is constantly vying for our attention, it is becoming increasingly important to be able to ground, center and align ourselves with what truly matters. Morning Practice will help you start your day on more grounded footing. Quiet Time (a musical interlude) is a gentle musical piece to help calm your breathing. Evening Practice is a short self-massage routine to help you ease away the stress of the day and prepare you for restful sleep.

Music by Bill Bryan ~ Vocals and art by Gina Loree Marks

Taming the Monkey: A Three Part Meditation.

"The purpose of meditation is not to escape - but to step away for a little bit, to recharge your battery, so you can better face the challenges set before you." ~ William Bryan

"Monkey Mind" refers to the restless and undirected nature of the thinking mind, the activity that leads our emotions and energy, like a monkey swinging from tree to tree.

Meditation as a practice can help us tame our monkey minds, by bringing our thoughts more intentionally and gently back to our breathing and our sensory experiences - allowing us a more objective view of our circumstances, and mastery over the physical reactions to stress that many of us feel.

Please enjoy this three-part meditation.

A three part guided meditation (including introductory Power Point presentation) designed to help you calm down what some refer to as 'Monkey Mind' ... otherwise known as brain noise and worrying .

This three part meditation is ideal for taming what some call "Monkey Mind" It begins with a simple breathing technique called "Calm the Ocean", then moves to a body-scan called "Exploring the Temple", and finally leads you into the deeper waters of "The Thought of No Thought".