Facebook Live videos

"Posturing for Your Day!"

These 20-minute or so spots air live on our Facebook page every Monday, Wednesday and Friday 7:30am EST. Join us there in real time, or watch them here at your convenience!

2/12/18 - The Big Debut of "Posturing for Your Day". A simple routine for loosening up a creaky spine first thing in the morning.

2/14/18 - Movement for Releasing Shoulders. If you deal with shoulders that always seem to be stuck in your ears, try these gentle movements.

2/16/18 - Restore the flow in your neck. Tight, tense shoulders are not only uncomfortable, but may be inhibiting vital flow to and from the head.

2/19/18 - Eight Pieces of Brocade, Part 1 - In this video, we begin introducing one of the most popular qigong forms, intended to increase vitality and strengthen immunity.

2/21/18 - Eight Pieces of Brocade, Part 2 - In which we introduce two more exercises - one to open up the 'middle organ' area, and the other to help relieve issues created by chronic neck tension

2/23/18 - Eight Pieces of Brocade, Part 3 - "Pieces" 5 and 6 are demonstrated - one for opening up the hips and the other for loosening the back and leg muscles.

2/26/18 - Eight Pieces of Brocade, Part 4 - The last two of the series, one for cultivating vitality (great for a Monday morning!) and the last for 'curing a hundred illnesses'!

2/28/18 - The Whole She-Bang - The entire Eight Pieces of Brocade set.

3/2/18 - The Basic Ten - Bill goes solo and introduces the late Dr. Steven Sun's "Basic 10" Qigong moves.

3/5/18 - Liver Qi Rising - Part 1. As spring approaches, as with nature, we feel the energy in our bodies rising, potentially creating tension in the shoulders, neck and head. This week, we look at some simple movements to create space for that energy to flow.

3/7/18 - Liver Qi Rising, Part 2. As 'Hurricane Quinn' descends outside, Gina (in PJ's) demonstrates some more sitting moves for facilitating the flow of Qi.