Exercise: Resist the Head!

In this video, I demonstrate one more neck tension relieving exercise - also from the Qigong series, "Eight Pieces of Brocade" (although, this particular move is from Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming's 'sitting set', and therefore, it can easily be done, well, sitting. Or, even while you're still in bed.)

While stretching-type motions often feel good, there's something about contracting the musculature against resistance that can really help with release of a tight area. This has to do with the Golgi tendon organs, and other mysterious components of muscle tissue that responds differently with novel types of stimuli.

All you need to know is that it can help your neck, upper back, and even your mid-back feel a lot better in a pinch.

As I mention in the video, your hands are placed on the base of your skull - not your neck.

And, it's a bit more effective if you are pushing your head back n the right direction - not so much with a 'lifting' of the chin, but by tucking the chin under and sliding the head back. AS you GENTLY stretch the head forward, keep the chin tucked under.

After you do this 4-5 times, you may notice your neck muscles releasing and the stretch moving further down in to your back and spine. (You can do this up to 8 times, if it's comfortable.)

Please note: If you ever feel any kind of pain, especially of the radiating sort, use your judgement and stop the exercise, if necessary, If this kind of sensation continues, it may be wise to consult a chiropractor, or other health care professional with a background in structural issues.

Have fun! And, as always, we welcome your feedback!