Live! From Chester County, PA, It's....

..... just us. :)

But, hey! We did our first Facebook Live video today! 

This one is a nice wakey-wakey-routine for the spine and the whole body (Bonus: Bill opens the show with a ukulele piece - sung to the tune of "Folsom Prison Blues" - not to be missed!)

With the humility of the learning curve balanced with the gig dust of FINALLY doing something we said we were gonna do ages ago, we're still kinda excited.

Admittedly it was weird for me (Gina), heading right into 'teacher' mode first thing on a Monday morning (which is typically my 'work-at-home-but-not-till-9-ish' day), and perhaps it showed a little. But, I, and we, actually liked getting back into moving our bods before starting the rest of the day (or, even finishing our coffee...!)

We plan to offer these 15-20 min vids at 7:30am EST every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on our P4H Facebook page.

Being there live is kinda fun as viewers can ask questions, offer comments etc in real time. It feels almost like being in a real class (while still possibly in your P.J.'s!).

But, the videos stay on our page, so if you're not a morning person you can watch them anytime. (And, please, feel free to comment, like or share!)

And, if you're not even a Facebook person, you can watch them here.

This Wednesday, (Feb 14th), we'll be doing some moves to help remove your shoulders from your ears. :)

Hope to see you there!