What does posture have to do with stress?

How do you posture yourself in business? Or in a relationship? Has anyone ever asked you that question?

Or, how about this? Are you postured for success?

Like Gina has been saying, the word posture gets used a lot, but really... what does it mean?

Most of us, when we think about posture, think about how we stand, or how we sit; basically, the shape our bodies take while holding still. But, that's really only a small part of a much larger scenario.

Posture is also how you move, how you carry yourself, and how you position yourself in relation to a stress/work load.

Again, as Gina mentioned previously, we have a tendency to think about posture as either 'good' or 'bad. But in relation to what? What are the marker that determine excellent posture from poor posture?

At Posturing for Health, one of our goals is to demystify truths about health and 'well-being'.

For this reason, when you hear the word 'posture', we want you to think of a very simple math formula.

In fact, I want you to memorize it and refer to it throughout your day:


That, my friends, is how we define posture.

No matter what the application (i.e., posturing yourself in business, posturing yourself in a relationship, posturing yourself for success, pr posturing yourself for health), the same formula applies.

This becomes especially relevant when considering the role posture plays in handling stress.

Think about it.

If you are lifting a heavy box of books, the first thing to make sure of is that your feet are on a flat and reliable surface.


You also want to pay attention to how you lift the box (i.e., with your legs, and not your back!), and whether you carry it off to one side, or out in front.

That's called CENTERING.

All the while, understanding the forces at work, and working with them as opposed to against, is all part of ALIGNMENT.

When these three bases are covered, you can be said to have good, or rather, appropriate posture.

In the next post, we'll give you an example of this formula in action.