What's all this about posture, anyway?

As our name, Posturing for Health, includes the root 'posture', it only seems fitting to begin exploring here... as it's a word we are all too familiar with.

But what does it mean, really?

In our experience, it’s become clear that while most people believe they know what ‘good posture’ looks like, they know a lot less about what it actually is, as far as the mechanical properties of the body. (Because why would you, unless you were really curious about biomechanics...)

But, this is what it’s really about... right?.... That there’s a connection between how we feel and how our body parts are arranged.

So, let's begin with the most basic definition of ‘posture’: an arrangement of parts.

Not good, not bad, just an arrangement.

Bill and I (Gina) have also defined posture as the relationship between us (our bodies, mindset, etc) and our stress load. More on that later.

What we've come to define as posture being either ‘good' or 'bad’ is really about the quality of that arrangement - between the parts of the body, as well as between the relationship of that body as a whole and what it’s trying to accomplish, and if those relationships are facilitating mobility, growth and strength, or setting us up for degeneration and breakdown.

In the next post, we’ll get into why using the word posture at all is misleading.