If  "stress" = workload,

and "posture" = your relationship to the workload,

then, your posture determines how you handle stress.

(Be it physical, emotional, intellectual or spiritual.)

Stress happens. Or, rather, life happens. Many circumstances may seem beyond your control. But your 'posture' is created by a million little choices made throughout a day, over a life time - many of which you can begin shifting today.

Posturing for Health is the collaboration of massage therapist William Bryan and shiatsu practitioner Gina Loree Marks.

Through the experience of our respective practices, we have found that the components of physical posture easily translate into a formula that can help you transform unhealthy, degenerating stress loads into healthy, strengthening ones.

We offer bodywork, restorative movement, stress coaching and a wealth of resources and experience to help you transform your stress from the ground up.

Services & Workshops

Bodywork, individual and group movement classes, private P4H Stress Coaching™ and more...

William M. Bryan, LMT

Posturing for Health

Gina Loree Marks