Whom We Serve

Our clients come to us for a variety of reasons: relief from stress and pain, injury repair, an hour or so of relaxation. Some are seeking to dig a bit deeper, and get a handle on what's causing their issues, as well as maximize the benefits of bodywork. They are folks looking to enhance their fitness training, supplement their rehab from an injury or surgery, address repetitive use issues, or age with more grace and agility. If you are one of these, we have tools and practices to help you think more clearly and move more freely. From simple tweaks to life overhauls, we meet you where you are.

How We Help

Injuries and health issues created by stress and 'poor posture' are the maladies of our modern times - what biomechanist Katy Bowman describes as 'diseases of captivity.' The majority of remedies prescribed are superficial 'tips to destress' or relieve postural discomforts, medications, or surgery.

Is this all there is?

The negative effects of stress are real. But, we have observed that stress and health are largely misunderstood or misdefined, which leads the search for solutions down rabbit trails or toward irreversible interventions.

In all of our interactions, we want our clients to have some working knowledge about what they're experiencing - whether in their physical body or in a mentally/emotionally stressful situation. We believe that there is an objective reality (truth) and a subjective reality (our perception/interpretation of truth), and if we respond without understanding the difference, we may incur a great deal of unhealthy and unnecessary stress.

To this end, we use our definition of posture as a model - posture being a relationship between us and what it is we are interacting with, and then present three basic principles of posture for governing stress: Grounding, Centering and Alignment.

These primary principles allow us to access the subjective aspect of stress, identify where the breakdowns are, and reposition ourselves in such a way that the 'stressor' ceases to create injury and instead, promotes strengthening.

What We Are

Posturing for Health is the collaboration of massage therapist Bill Bryan and shiatsu practitioner Gina Loree Marks. We met in 2006 while working in our respective practices at the Lionville Holistic Health Center. In 2010, we brought together our experiences in Tai Chi and Qigong, western anatomy and physiology,  and a mutual desire to clarify 'holistic' terms to create a ten-week course called "Posturing for Health with Qigong". Our intention was to teach our students a gentle but powerful form of exercise that would not only demystify the 'eastern' language it was housed in, but give them mastery over their own postural habits and stress levels that were negatively affecting their health.

Because cultivation of 'posture' is so central to the practice of qigong, we delved deeply into understanding what the elements and purpose of posture are, and found that those principles could be applied to many other life circumstances.

This exploration has led to workshops and classes on stress conversion, and an ebook, "Stress Relief Anywhere" (currently under revision).

In March 2015, Posturing for Health, LLC became a brick and mortar location, providing a home to Bill's massage therapy practice, and Gina's shiatsu practice. Through individual and group classes we teach our clients how to cultivate healthy posture in their bodies and their lives, and transform their stress from the ground up.

“As bodyworkers, we work from the outside in. As educators, we teach you to work from the inside out!”

— Bill Bryan