It's your body.

And, while you don't need to be a mechanic to drive your car,  having some knowledge of what the various knobs, buttons and warning lights indicate will help you get more out of it, and possibly prevent a breakdown on the side of the road.

Likewise, you don't have to have a medical degree to keep your body healthy.

However, when you understand some of the basics of what your body needs to thrive, and to prevent injuries (especially those that occur when you're trying to do all the right things!), you become an active and engaged participant in your own health, and experience better results!



We are -

William M. Bryan, massage therapist, and Gina Loree Marks, shiatsu practitioner and movement coach.

In our combined 28 years of practice helping our clients feel better through massage and bodywork, we've witnessed how their results are SO much better when they get involved.

It's not just about trying to sustain better posture, or doing more exercise.

We want to help you understand that how you move your body (or not) and ALL of its parts throughout your day - while you're 'exercising' and especially while you're not - is the key to resolving much of your aches, pains, and restricted mobility. 

We see ourselves as your partners in reaching your movement goals - through our bodywork sessions, classes, workshops, articles and movement videos - as well as referrals to our colleagues when needed.

Our clients include those looking to enhance their fitness training, supplement their rehab from an injury or surgery, address repetitive use issues, or simply age with more grace and agility.

Live in the movement.


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